"Cash From the IRS!"
Home Based Business Owners-Grab an Extra $300-$1,000/Mo. Take Home Pay Every Month on Your Current Job!


 Most American families are under growing financial pressure these days and that includes many qualified and motivated Home Based Business owners such as yourself.

These financial pressures represent a challenge that can prevent you from being able to devote the time and resources necessary to become successful in your Home Business.

Millions of people have become successful in a home based business, but most have had a secret.

They had help from the Federal Government in the form of extra cash in their pockets that is available only to those home based businesses that know how to tap into it.

Now, you too can get hundreds of extra dollars you need every month to invest in your new business, even before you have made  your first sale!

Hi, my name is Bill Young. I am a Personal Financial Coach. My career in finance and real estate includes, being a Bank Loan Officer for the Dime Savings Bank in Brooklyn, a real estate finance consultant in private practice, a Licensed Financial Planner with NY Life and a debt and credit consultant with a major health care union.

I am offering you the opportunity to hire me as your Personal Financial Coach and to teach you how to tap into that government cash hoard, for free!

My aim in creating the Cash From the IRS program (CFI) is to provide clients with the financial resources that most middle class people do not have access to.

My services will enable you not only survive the difficult start up period of your home based business, but to actually accelerate your wealth building progress by giving you and your family additional personal financial resources:

Are you certain you have the best entity for your business, corporation, LLC, etc?

How much money are you leaving on the table by not knowing all of the tax deductions allowed by the tax laws and how to take advantage of them?

Did you ever wish you had some professional financial guidance when you were trying to figure out if you were being screwed by that car dealer or that mortgage broker?

Did you get yourself in a bad mortgage, because you did not understand what all the terms and conditions meant, but signed the contract anyway?

But before I tell you more, imagine your spouse's reaction when you bring home $300, $500 or more Extra Money! He (she) will look at your new, home based business in a whole new light!

In our weekly meetings, in addition to the immediate extra cash in your paycheck (an Instant Pay Raise!) I will also show you how to:

* Pay off ALL your credit cards 10X faster with No increase in your payments!

*Boost your credit score by 100 points in just a few months!

*Which entity, Corporation, LLC or Sole Proprietor is best for your business. This choice can mean saving thousands in taxes each year!

*What to do if you cannot pay your credit card bills.

*What to do if you are Upside Down in your house (the mortgage balance is greater than the value of the house) This one insider
secret can save your marriage!

*How to spend yourself Rich. Proven formula of self made millionaires!

*How to take every legal advantage of the tax code, getting Uncle Sam to help you pay for:
      Family vacations
      Children's school and college savings
      Children's clothes and toys
      Your daughter's dance lessons
      Holiday parties
And Much More!

How Does the Cash From the IRS Program Work?

It utilizes the IRS’s own laws and regulations that apply to qualified home based businesses such as yours.  
It does not break these laws, rather it uses them as blueprints.  (See IRS Pub 535 http://www.IRS.Gov)

And guess what, the CFI Membership program is FREE (the IRS gives you the money to pay for the program!!) And I will Pay YOU to introduce it to your team mates, friends and friends!

Here is what you get as a CFI Member:

*Me as your Personal Financial Coach

*Weekly teleconference with me and other personal financial experts, CPA's, etc. We make sure you are in compliance with the complex IRS laws that govern the home based business tax field that you Must know and obey to make sure you are not getting into trouble with the IRS as you take the extra money. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your financial problems and opportunities while learning from others.

*Unlimited Email Support- Your financial questions answered within 48 hours!

*Monthly tax and financial newsletter - Brings you the latest financial tips and changes in the tax laws that affects your business.

*You will also get a 25% discount on the preparation of your income taxes by experts in home based business taxation

The CFI Program is Free And you can earn Referral Fees!
Once you activate your Membership in CFI,At NO Charge! I will immediately send you all the forms and instructions you need to turn in to your job, HR or payroll Dept, that will allow you to get your Instant Pay Raise, Hundreds of extra dollars in your next pay cycle, as stipulated by the IRS.

Note: As this is a private tax matter between you and the IRS, your employer has no say in the matter. You do not have to tell them you have a home based business, you don't need their approval on the IRS forms we send you and you don't have to explain what you are doing to your boss!

You should see anywhere from $300-$1,000 extra take home pay in your paycheck, depending on your income and your current tax situation. Imagine that!

You can immediately use this extra cash for any purpose whatsoever, of course, I recommend that you use it wisely to build your business. You can buy equipment, supplies, pay for marketing, pay for business trips, etc. It is your money!

In your second month, you will use part of the money we got you from the IRS to pay your CFI Membership dues, which is only $355 per year or 39.95 per month, if you elect to pay monthly. The annual payment saves you $125 over the total of the monthly payments.

I know, I can hear you thinking! Wow, I pay only $355, 1 time and I get $3-400 or more Every month for a year? Where do I sign!?

Hold on, there is more. Remember the referral fee?

How would you like to be able to refer this amazing program to your team, to prospects and to inactive distributors? You know, the ones who are crying that they do not have the money to buy your product, or sign up for autoship or those who have dropped out because they were not making any money?

How's this, we will Pay You to introduce them to the CFI program!

Every time you refer someone to us who joins and pays their first dues, we will pay you $25 if they pay monthly, 10 referrals means $250 to you! 

We will pay you $100 if they pay annually! Refer only 3 new annual Memberships and you have just about recovered your annual Membership Fee.

Incidentally, your CFI Membership dues is tax deductible. It is a payment to your Financial Coach (me!) and as such is a tax write off! Yep, we show you how to get the government to give you the money, then show you how to write off the money, which gives you even more money. I think this is what Cuba Gooding meant when he said, "Mo' Money, Mo' Money and Mo' Money! See what I mean when I say this program is Free?

The CFI Program Is Unconditionally Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with this program, at any time, for any reason, you can cancel with 30 days notice.

If you are on the monthly subscription payments, you owe no more payments and will not be charged further.

If you paid the one time annual payment, you will be refunded the difference between your annual dues, the $355 and the total amount of extra money you received from the program, provided you followed instructions and received the extra cash in your paycheck. No refund is given if you do not implement the program.             


I do have to warn you, however, that if you should cancel your CFI Membership, you had better notify the IRS to stop the extra money coming to you or there could be big tax problems for you when you file! The IRS is not happy when you do not comply with their rules and regulations, which is difficult to do without expert guidance.

How Do Start CFI and Get My Instant Pay Raise?

Thought you would never ask!

Choose from the buttons below. If you want the monthly Membership option, press the "Subscribe" Button.

Note, as Pay Pal administers our monthly subscription payment plan you will set  up a Pay Pal account part of the payment process if you do not already have one.

If you have a Pay Pal account, you will probably see your pay pal email address already filled in for you if you are on your regular computer. If not, fill in your pay pal email address and then your pay pal password. If you do not have a Pay Pal account yet, click on Pay with Credit/Debit Card. 

The charge on your credit card, if you choose the 12 Monthly subscription payments  will be $00.00 for your first month! 

Next month's payment (which the IRS has given you as part of your 1st month's pay raise!) will be for 2 months, your 2nd month's payment and your cancellation month's payments of $39.95, (this covers your 30 day cancellation notice) totaling $79.90

Use the 2nd (lower) Buy Now! button and make a one time annual payment of $355.which is a $125 discount, compared to the total of 12 monthly subscription payments! This is less than $1/day to get you $300-$1,000 extra pay Every Month!

(Remember, the Government is going to reimburse you next month for these payments!

The Next 100 new CFI Members will get a Free, 30 minute private, confidential financial consultation with me on any financial matter or plans you care to discuss. This is a $250 value!

Don't lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally get ahead financially. ORDER NOW!

If you have any questions or need help with ordering, call 646..., leave a message including your phone number and the nature of your problem and someone will get back to you shortly.

Very Important! When you have successfully made your payment to Metropolitan Business Council, our company; You Must click on the link to return to the Vendor's page (Metropolitan Business Council) to get the forms you need to take to your job to get  your Pay Raise. The first thing you should do when you arrive at the page is to Bookmark it, otherwise you will not be able to return to it once you leave it! Then follow the audio instructions.Contact Information:
For questions about the CFI System and how it works:

Bill Young, Personal Financial Consultant

1423 Cambridge St
Philadelphia, PA