Bill Young

President, Metropolitan Business Council

Bill is an experienced real estate investor and Personal Financial Coach. He is experienced in many phases of personal finance, having held such positions as bank loan officer, licensed financial consultant and debt and credit consultant. He is a published author and lectures on personal financial topics in the US and Canada.  

Mike Litman, the acclaimed author of the best selling book, “Conversations With Millionaires,” and one of the Internet’s top motivational and business coaches has hired Bill Young to be the featured speaker at his annual Master Coaching Seminar in New York City and to Mentor his Coaches in the areas of personal finance. 

 Mike says, “Bill is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers I have met.”

Bill is also a Personal Financial Coach to Mike, most recently advising Mike on a major real estate purchase. 

Tax Strategy audio course Coach Bill developed for Mike Litman’s “Coaches Coaching Coaches” series, May, 2007 

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